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  • Checkpoints

    This page explains what checkpoints are and how to use them. What are checkpoints? A checkpoint is a key event within a customer’s journey where you can request a recommendation from Ravelin. The checkpoints you want to use within your integration will likely depend on the kind of behaviour you are trying to address and where you would like to intervene in the customer journey. For example, to stop payment fraud you might want to request a recommendation when a customer registers a new payment method or at checkout.

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  • Currencies

    There are two currencies sub-divided into 5 basic units, seven sub-divided into 1000, and eighteen without any subdivisions.

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  • Customer Service and Networks

    Your customer service reps logging into customer accounts in your live system may result in them joining networks together.

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  • Rate Limits

    Ravelin applies rate-limiting to stop any one actor impacting its availability to others, and Merchants should do the same with their customers.

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