Account Takeover Integration

Testing Your Integration

As with all software, it’s important to get it working, and then keep it working. Ravelin has multiple features to aid you in testing your integration.

Force Specific Recommendations

You should ensure that you are listening to the action that Ravelin returns, and handling it appropriately.

Set the login.username field to an email address using one of the following three email domains to force a specific action from the Login endpoint.


These values will only work in your sandbox account.

Simulating Slow Networks

While it’s uncommon, even the most reliable networks can experience occasional delays. Your system should be resilient and maintain performance standards even during these rare instances of slow responses.

We recommend you test your system’s behaviour in response to abnormal increases in latency, whether it be from network problems or from Ravelin’s systems.

We provide a request header to help you test this. To force requests to take at least a specified duration, add the Ravelin-Min-Latency header to the request, with a specified delay in milliseconds.

This is only supported in your sandbox account.

For example, for a 1-second delay:

$ curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: token sk_live_your_secret_key" \
    -H "Ravelin-Min-Latency: 1000" \
    -X POST