Payment Fraud Integration


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How Ravelin prevents payment fraud for PSPs

Ravelin’s payment fraud product for payment service providers aims to manage fraud at scale for a collection of small-to-medium sized businesses.

What is payment fraud?

Online payment fraud is when a fraudster uses stolen card details to make purchases online. Fraudsters can buy large numbers of stolen card details on the dark web and then attempt to use them to make purchases.

Bad actors may use stolen credentials to get products or services for free themselves, or so that they can sell these goods or services for their own profit.

How Ravelin prevents payment fraud

To prevent payment fraud, you send us details about transactions and disputes using our API.

We will decide if we think the transaction is fraudulent, and return a recommendation as to whether you should continue processing it or not.

Payment fraud integration steps

Each of the integration steps is shown below. You should work through each of these guides to complete your integration.

  • Integration Process
    Learn how we will work with you closely throughout your payment fraud integration project.

  • Request recommendations
    How to request payment fraud recommendations at checkout.

  • Send disputes
    Send us your disputes and chargebacks so we can learn about the type of fraud you’re experiencing and provide better recommendations.

  • Error handling
    Ensure you are correctly handling errors so that your integration is reliable and resilient.

API reference

See the API reference to understand what endpoints, requests, and responses are available.