Supplier Fraud Integration

Manual Reviews

Manual reviews are an explicit intervention by an analyst or member of your team to mark a supplier as genuine or fraudulent.

As part of improving our supplier fraud detection capabilities we work with different types of machine learning models and some require labels that are used to train the model. Manual reviews give Ravelin those labels of high-risk supplier behaviour to automatically identify patterns in the data and continuously receive feedback to improve our predictions.

The Benefits of Manual Reviews

There are 2 main reasons why doing manual reviews can be beneficial.

  1. Manual reviews are used as a tool to catch more fraud in real time. You can use a manual review to block any orders from a given supplier stopping fraudulent behaviour in real time.

  2. Accurate manual reviews will help Ravelin improve and optimise your machine learning models. Currently Ravelin uses anomaly detection models but with manual reviews we can train new types models and improve our supplier fraud detection capabilities.

The Impact of Reviews

Reviewing a supplier as fraudulent or genuine currently has no direct impact on future orders placed from that supplier. In order to impact future transactions a rule using the supplier manual reviews status needs to be created in the Ravelin dashboard.

As an example, if you mark a supplier as fraudulent, in order to stop any future orders from that supplier you need to create a rule that will trigger on a supplier having a fraudulent manual review. This rule can be associated with any other rule conditions you think are needed to stop the fraudulent behaviour. Ravelin can help you with the setup of this rule.

We advise you to be very cautious when adding a genuine or fraudulent manual review - only do so when you are certain. Adding a fraudulent review may impact future orders from those suppliers and may eventually cause damage to your supplier machine learning model.

Remember, manual reviews stay active for suppliers and can only be overturned by another review.

If you do review a supplier please leave comments with your supplier manual reviews. These are invaluable to Ravelin, to other people at your company and potentially to you at a later date. Explain why you reviewed this supplier and any additional evidence you might have found.