Order Decisions

Order decision callbacks allow you to send a request to your order management system when you approve or reject orders within the Ravelin dashboard. Your order management system can then either accept or cancel the order.

Order decision callbacks are sent in the following format:

POST https://your-callback-url.com/order-decisions HTTP/1.1
Authorization: token YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_OPTIONAL
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "orderId": "123456789",
    "reviewer": {
        "name": "Thomas Anderson",
        "email": "t.anderson@matrix.com"
    "timestamp": "2020-01-23T17:32:58Z"

To configure order decision callbacks, please contact us and provide us with your callback URL and an optional token.

Further information about order decisions in the Ravelin dashboard can be found in our Help Centre.