Transaction Optimisation Integration

Error Handling

Our platform has been designed to be resilient to failure. However, in the unlikely event of an error we will attempt to continue to process your request as completely as possible.

When requesting a transaction optimisation recommendation you also have to request a fraud recommendation, which means errors could occur in the different parts of our platform.

If an error occurs when generating a transaction optimisation recommendation, but not during fraud scoring, we will still return the fraud score along with the message: “Could not generate transaction optimisation recommendation”.

An example error response is shown below:

    "status": 200,
    "message": "Could not generate transaction optimisation recommendation",
    "timestamp": 709513200,
    "data": {
        "customerId": "012345678",
        "action": "REVIEW",
        "score": 68,
        "source": "NETWORK",
        "scoreId": "012345678-012345678-012345678"

If an error occurs during fraud scoring we will not be able to return a transaction optimisation recommendation and will return the corresponding HTTP status. See API Reference Errors for more details.

For guidance on how to best respond to error codes, please consult our Error Handling documentation or contact a Ravelin engineer.

Next steps

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