Tag (Deprecated)

This endpoint is deprecated. Set tags using the tags field of the Checkout Request.

The Tags API allows you to change the tags attached to a customer. This can be used to tie your own customer management tools into Ravelin. Calling this API is the same as setting a tag in the Ravelin dashboard.

POST api.ravelin.com/v2/tag/customer

POST https://api.ravelin.com/v2/tag/customer HTTP/1.1
Authorization: token ...
Content-Type: application/json

    "timestamp": 1429029735,
    "customerId": "61283761287361",
    "tagNames": ["staff", "vip"]

Example response:

    "tagNames": ["staff", "vip", "highroller"],
    "label": "GENUINE"

Attaching a tag to a customer is done by posting to this endpoint with the body filled with customerId and an array of tagNames. This will attach the tag and respond with the full list of attached tags and the label for that customer.

Parameter Type Description
customerId string The ID the customer which you would like to set the tags for.
tagNames array of strings An array containing the names of the tags to add to the customer.

GET api.ravelin.com/v2/tag/customer/:customerId

This returns all the tags for a specific customer as well as the label for the customer. This returns the same body as the POST tag endpoint.

DELETE api.ravelin.com/v2/tag/customer?customerId=[customerId]&tagName=[tag1,tag2]

To remove a tag, make a DELETE HTTP request to the tag customer endpoint. This will remove the tag from the customer. The tagName field may be a single tag or, to remove multiple tags, a comma separated list of tags. This returns the same body as the POST tag endpoint.