Payout Fraud Integration

Sending Updates

This page explains how you should update us on a payout attempt.

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When to send updates

Keeping us informed about each payout attempt’s outcome is not just beneficial for us; it helps tailor our fraud prevention models to fit your unique business needs more precisely. By doing so, you ensure that our system reflects your actual operations, leading to more accurate recommendations and, ultimately, a more secure and efficient payout process.

  • After receiving a recommendation
    Once you’ve acted on our recommendation (resulting in the payout being processed, blocked, or cancelled) updating us with the taken action is crucial. This feedback is instrumental in refining and improving the rules and models tailored to your business operations.
    If the payout is being processed, update the status accordingly:

    • payout.status: "PENDING" or payout.status: "PROCESSING", based on the visibility you have from your Payment Service Provider (PSP).

    If you blocked a payout because of our recommendation or another reason on your side, you should send a Payout request with an updated payout status by setting the following field as:

    • payout.status: "BLOCKED"
  • Upon a change in payout status
    Should there be any status updates from your payment provider regarding a payout, ensure you update the status of payout on our system with the latest value.
    If you decided to cancel the payout after it is submitted, set the status field as:

    • payout.status: "CANCELLED"

How to send updates

Send a request to our Payout API Endpoint with the updated status, including the other required fields.

An example update request is shown below:

Authorization: token ...
Content-Type: application/json

  "timestamp": 1512828988826,
  "payout": {
    "payoutId": "payout_123",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "earnings": {
      "currency": "GBP",
      "totalNetAmount": 5000
  "supplier": {
    "supplierId": "abc-123-ZYZ",
    "type": "driver"

An example update response is shown below:

  "status": 200,
  "timestamp": 1689758905,
  "unknownField:4012228841460459132": ""

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