Supplier Fraud Integration

Sending Supplier Data

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Supplier details

If you are using our Supplier fraud product you should send Ravelin details of your suppliers.

Those details should include:

  • the supplier personal information and extra data
  • the devices used by the supplier
  • National identification details, if applicable
  • Vehicle details, if applicable

To send Ravelin supplier details you should use the Supplier endpoint API. We strongly recommend at least sending all fields marked as important in the documentation. The more fields you can populate the better our predictions will be.

Here is an example of supplier details:

Authorization: token ...
Content-Type: application/json

  "timestamp": 1512828988826,
  "supplier": {
    "supplierId": "abc-123-ZYZ",
    "groupId": "abc-123",
    "groupName": "Burger Chain",
    "registrationTime": 1512828988826,
    "email": "",
    "emailVerifiedTime": 1512828988826,
    "name": "John Smith",
    "telephone": "+16045555555",
    "telephoneVerifiedTime": 1512828988826,
    "telephoneCountry": "GBR",
    "type": "driver",
    "level": "gold",
    "employmentType": "selfEmployed",
    "transportType": "car",
    "category": "private-hire"

Associate a supplier to an order

When sending orders to Ravelin you should also send the supplier that is associated with that order. That can be done using the Checkout endpoint API, in the order details you will find the suppliers array.