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What is account registration abuse?

Account registration abuse is when fraudsters create multiple accounts in order to take advantage of promotions or vouchers, commit payment fraud, or commit other types of fraud.

Fraudsters may use fake or stolen identities, or their own identity, to create multiple customer or supplier accounts. To avoid detection fraudsters will often use a variety of devices, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Identifying and blocking account registration abuse is an important part of fraud prevention.

How Ravelin protects against account registration abuse

Ravelin can help stop account registration abuse by analysing each registration attempt and producing a recommendation on whether you should allow the user to complete the registration process.

To do this, we ask you to send us details about each account registration attempt via our API.

Our recommendations are generated using our advanced rules engine to enforce business policy and implement safeguards against account registration abuse. We calculate features based on the account registration data you send to us, which you can use in rules to prevent account registration abuse. Rules can be tested before they are deployed to ensure they will work as you expect.

Ravelin continuously monitors the performance of rules and recommendations and suggests any improvements.

Our account registration abuse recommendations can be used in combination with other Ravelin products to help prevent wider fraud.

  • Payment Fraud
    Payment fraudsters may create multiple accounts to test or make purchases with stolen payment cards.

  • Voucher Abuse
    Fraudsters may create multiple accounts to abuse vouchers or promotions.

  • Refund Abuse
    It may be possible for fraudsters to abuse your refund policy by creating multiple accounts.

  • Supplier Fraud
    Suppliers may create multiple accounts to evade bans or abuse promotions.

Account registration recommendations must be enabled on your account before they can be used. Please speak to your account manager about enabling account registration recommendations.

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