Android 3DS demo application guide


The Demo App

A demo application is provided in addition to the Ravelin 3DS SDK. It has two main goals:

  1. To demonstrate how a user may integrate with the Ravelin 3DS SDK.
  2. It provides different types of show cases, as defined by the EMVCo 3DS specification, and supported by the Ravelin 3DS SDK.

The demo app consists of two screen a splash screen and a main screen. The importance of the splash screen is that it initialises the 3DS SDK. The selection of show cases is done on the main screen.

How to Access the Demo App

The Android 3DS demo app can be accessed in two different ways, depending on the use case:

  1. For demos - Google Play Store.
  2. For technical audience - The Ravelin Dashboard.

Google Play Store

Provide your email to Ravelin support to be added to a distribution group. After being added to the distribution group you may find and install the app in the Google Play Store.

The Ravelin Dashboard

Please reach out to Ravelin support to receive accessibility to the 3DS demo app on the Ravelin dashboard. With this option you can access the app code. This option is aimed for developers who want to learn how to integrate the 3DS SDK into their own apps.

You can find the files in the dashboard under your organisation page like the illustration below:

Files sharing

Before Running the App

  1. Make sure you have received an API token from the Ravelin support team.
  2. Find the file token.xml in the module common inside the assets folder.
  3. Fill in the same token in the value tag in both the test and live entries.
  4. Create a new folder named properties and inside insert a new properties file named Add your credentials as shown below:
ravelinRepoUsername = username
ravelinRepoPassword = password

That is all. You are ready to run the app!

App initialisation

As mentioned before, during the appearance of the splash screen, the Ravelin 3DS SDK is being initialised. When the initialisation is done, the app may shortly display several warnings, acc. to the 3DS SDK findings. Since the demo app is not installed directly from the Google store, you should expect the a SW02 warning, which means that The integrity of the SDK has been tampered. This is an expected behaviour. You may notice other warnings as well, depending on the mode of operation of the demo app (See also Initialise the SDK).

Use Cases

The demo application offers several show cases as summarised in the table below:

# Use Case Expected Result
1. Frictionless flow Authenticate Successfully
2. One Time Passcode/Text challenge Authenticate Successfully
3. Knowledge Base Challenge type 1 Authenticate Successfully
4. Knowledge Base Challenge type 2 Authenticate Successfully
5. Out-Of-Band Challenge Authenticate Successfully
6. Knowledge Base Challenge type 3 Authenticate Successfully
7. One Time Passcode/Text challenge - HTML Display Authenticate Successfully
8. One Time Passcode/Text challenge - HTML ‘Other’ UI Template Authenticate Successfully
9. Challenge Error SDK to ACS Finish with a RuntimeError
10. Challenge Error ACS to SDK Finish with a RuntimeError

During the show case, the user may choose to cancel the challenge by pressing the Cancel button located in the top-bar. In that case the expected result will be Challenge Canceled.

Error Messages - Codes and Description

Authentication Request:

Internal Error Code Error Error Description transStatus EMVCo code
102 Authentication Failed Authentication Denied N
103 Authentication Failed Verification attempt failed A
104 Authentication Failed Verification attempt rejected R
105 Authentication Failed Verification account error U

Challenge Request:

Internal Error Code Error Error Description EMVCo Challenge Event State transStatus EMVCo code
200 Challenge Failed Challenge Denied - N
201 Challenge Failed Challenge Cancelled Cancelled N
202 Challenge Failed Challenge Timeout Timeout N
203 Challenge Failed Challenge Protocol Error Protocol Error N
204 Challenge Failed Challenge Runtime Error Runtime Error N


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