Manual Review Callbacks

Manual Review Callbacks allow you to keep your internal system in sync with manual reviews carried out on the Ravelin Dashboard, by sending a callback any time a review is carried out.

Callbacks are sent in the following format:

"customerId": "123456789", 
"label": "GENUINE",
"reviewer": {
   "name": "Bilbo Baggins",
   "email": ""
"timestamp": "2020-01-23T17:32:58Z"

To configure Manual Review callbacks, please contact us and provide us with your callback URL and an optional token.

Score Callbacks (Deprecated)

[DEPRECATION NOTICE] Score Callbacks are deprecated. Please see requesting a score for retrieving a Ravelin action and score for a customer.

    "customerId": "123456789",
    "action": "ALLOW",
    "score": 11,
    "source": "MANUAL_REVIEW",
    "scoreId": "40ba-843e-43c71",
    "comment": "Best customer!"

When the fraud status of one of your customers changes, Ravelin sends you a callback.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • A customer is manually reviewed through the dashboard, or
  • An event is received through the API, or
  • We discover a fraud network, and some of them exist in your system, or
  • Machine learning models are updated.

Any of these will cause a HTTPS request to your system. The body is a JSON blob, with the same semantics as the response to scored POST requests (see above).