3D Secure Integration

3DS Test Cards

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You may use the following test card numbers with your sandbox account to test your integration.

You should only use your sandbox API Key to send requests using these test cards. Requests sent using your live API Key will be sent to live directory servers.

You should ensure you handle each of the different responses correctly. Some test cards require a challenge to be completed.

See our 3DS Test Cards API for details of how to load our test cards from our API.

3DS 2 Test Cards

Test Card PAN Authenticate Response TransStatus Result Response TransStatus Challenge Required? Description
4200000000000002 Y N/A No Successful (frictionless) authentication
4200000000000003 A N/A No Attempted authentication
4200000000000005 N N/A No Failed authentication
4200000000000006 U N/A No Authentication unavailable
4200000000000007 R N/A No Authentication rejected
4200000000000004 C Y Yes Successful authentication, following a challenge
4200000000000008 C A Yes Attempted authentication, following a challenge
4200000000000009 C N Yes Failed authentication, following a challenge
4200000000000010 C U Yes Authentication unavailable, following a challenge
4200000000000011 C R Yes Authentication rejected, following a challenge
4200000000000012 N/A N/A N/A Simulates a directory server 3DS error
4200000000000013 N/A N/A N/A Simulates a 3DS Server internal server error


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